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Why choose FreezeTec spacers

Our spacers boast uniquely open profiles that allow for better air-flow and thermal conductivity.
FreezeTec is economical, practical, cost-effective, and most importantly, sensitive to the planet

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Go with the Flow

The basic laws of physics are rather simple as air-flow will always choose the path with least resistance. The trick therefore is to design a spacer which creates maximum space and fewest possible obstacles or blockings in-between the stacked layers. Our constant focus on R&D and customer satisfaction enables us to combine the latest innovation together with customer feedback. This is why our 50 mm high, open profiled spacers simply are more efficient than most other solutions and has been used worldwide for more than 15 years.

Benefits of FreezeTec spacers

At FreezeTec we do not just sell spacers but strive to improve the efficiency in your blast
freezing operation – for the benefit of the environment and your bottom line



The spacers are manufactured from 100% recyclable materials and can be genuinely recycled at the end of their usable life. Combined with the reduced energy consumption during freezing this benefits the environment.



The low weight and open design makes it easy to handle and to clean the Neptun freezer spacer. The spacers nest easily into each other when not in use, thereby taking up a minimum amount of space.


Cost effective

Due to the robust structure of High-Density Polyethylene, our freezer spacer withstands temperatures between -50°C and +90°C and is resistant to acids and chemicals, ensuring a long lifespan, even in the toughest working environments.



The open profiles result in maximum air contact with the stacked layers of products, ensuring faster and more efficient freezing of the whole pallet load.

Our main goal is to keep providing high-end innovative
products backed up by scientific research and
many years experience.

Freezer spacers and
blast freezing

Freezing and thawing of food stuff is often an important as well as a critical process in the value chain of food processing companies. Especially freezing is often a major cost driver although both processes highly influence the product quality of the frozen or thawed product

How Freezer spacers work

High air velocity across the product and maximum contact between the cold, high velocity air stream and the product – in our case the stacked boxes – are both essential for high efficiency.

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