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Wireless Temperature Sensors

For tracking the freezing and thawing process

Freezing food in a blast chamber is an energy-intensive process. Any change that can lower your total energy consumption directly affects your bottom line. But knowing when your products reach the target temperature can reduce your energy costs.

Advantages of using real-time sensors

Using wireless, real-time temperature sensors in your freezing chamber, gives you an instant understanding of your freezing process.

And not only the overall freezing process but also of any temperature differences or deviations between various spots, pallets or even boxes inside your freezer.
Amongst others this can be used to

  • Real-time information on how different products freeze
  • Knowledge of optimal placement of pallets in the freezing chamber
  • Possibility to integrate temperature and fan control
  • Possibility of alarm at unforeseen/accidental events
  • Overall historical overview of previous entries
  • Comparing freezing sessions over time to further optimize the freezing cycle
  • Possibility to use the same equipment in different freezers without installation

Flexible temperature measurement

The small size of the sensor combined with the connectable temperature probes provides unprecedented flexibility making it possible to place the sensors and measure temperatures in different places in your freezer – also inside the boxes.

“Plug and play”

Depending on the location of the nearest Sigfox antenna, the sensors can transmit data directly to these - alternatively via a plug-and-play gateway that can be placed in a suitable place in your building.

Safe cloud storage and access

The temperature data is safely stored in the sky and can as such be easily accessed via laptop, mobile phone etc. Further, you can set up various temperature alarms through sms or email or you can load all data and alarms into your existing management system


In this videos you can learn more about the many advantages and possibilities with wireless temperature sensors, especially developed for the harsh environment in freezers and cold stores.

Presentation of FreezeTeq's wireless, real time temperatur sensors

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