Combining our unique and patented open profile spacer designs with our continued focus on assisting the food industry to increased efficiency has made FreezeTeq a well respected and leading global player within freezer spacers.

FreezeTeq spacer models are available in 3 different designs – each with their advantages in their area of operation.

All FreezeTeq spacers are available in EUR (80 x 120 cm) and EUR2 (100 x 120 cm) sizes.

NFS1 Freezer Spacer

The first version of FreezeTeq Freezer Spacers, designed to allow maximum airflow when blast freezing food products.

NFS2 Freezer Spacer

Designed to be used to when transporting pallets with food products to external freezing facilities. Ensures stable loads during transport.

NFS3 Freezer Spacer

A single-molded freezer spacer ensuring maximum edge-support of the boxes while maintaining maximum airflow between the layers. 

Need help choosing the right spacer for your blast freezing operation?

With more than 30 years of experience, FreezeTeq is a trusted partner for food manufacturing companies all over the World. We can help you pick the right spacer models for your setup. Simply tell us a bit about your current setup, and we’ll get back to you. Not quite ready ? why not read more about how our spacers can help you reduce cost.


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