Why spacers are important when blast freezing

Spacers are an important part of optimizing your blast freezing process. A lot of energy can be saved by freezing smarter. By smarter, we mean knowing about the entire freezing process and knowing where and how to optimize.

The way to efficient blast freezing is understanding how the air flows inside a freezing chamber. In general, a blast freezer is equipped with a cooling device, powerful blasting fans to circulate the air and a dehumidifier to remove any humidity inside the freezer.

Better air circulation inside the freezer lowers the time required to freeze your products. By lowering the fan speed inside the freezing tunnel, energy usage can be lowered by more than 75% – saving you money.

In order to better circulate the air around the products, freezer spacers can be inserted as layers between the boxes, allowing for better airflow.

As using spacers can drastically lower the energy used to freeze products, the German union of cold storages and logistics, VDKL (Verband Deutscher Kühlhäuser und Kühllogistikunternehmen), highly recommends using them:

“Freezing boxed products is ideally done with the use of spacers,
otherwise, the heat may be insufficiently removed from the boxes.”

Source: VDKL-Leitfaden Frosten für Kühhäuser August 2019

Our freezer spacers provide an optimal airflow when blast freezing food products. The rigid design makes them suitable for all kinds of operations, eg when using collaborative robots for handling the spacers.

We’re using high-quality HDPE material for our spacers, making them withstand extreme temperatures. This allows for the spacers to be cleaned and reused over and over again. 

Now let’s talk about how we can improve your blast freezing process.

We can help you improve your blast freezing process. For more than 30 years, our products have used by a wide range of food producers, improving blast freezing all over the world.


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