A truly green product

FreezeTeq Freezer Spacers can help you improve your food freezing process and thereby lower your energy usage and costs. By optimizing your blast freezing process you not only save money, but you also lower your CO2 emissions making your product and your company greener.

Freezer spacers made from recycled HDPE

FreezeTeq Freezer Spacers are made from a polymer called HPDE – high-density polyethylene. It’s a material perfect for the conditions found in a blast freezing environment. HDPE can withstand high and low temperatures, is form safe and resistant to oil and chemicals.

Manufacturing HDPE is a CO2-heavy process, that is why FreezeTeq freezer spacers are made from recycled HDPE material. We use high-quality recycled material to ensure near-to new quality and our material is typically sourced from the food industry.

Smaller carbon footprint – lower CO2 emissions

From an environmental view, there are huge differences between using recycled and new material. Manufacturing freezer spacers from recycled material emit 15 kg CO2 less per spacer than by using new material. We think this is a natural choice for a product designed for optimizing energy usage.

Let’s optimize your blast freezing

FreezeTeq Freezer Spacers is an essential part of an optimized blast freezing process, lowering your energy costs and giving you a greener profile.

If you want to know more about how you can optimize your blast freezing process, we’re here to help. Tell us a bit about you and your company and we’ll get back to you.

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