Freezer Spacers

The original high-quality NFS-1 and NFS-2 freezer spacers

Combining our unique and patented open profile spacer designs with our continued focus on assisting the food industry to increased efficiency has made Neptun a well respected and leading global player within Freezer Spacers.

Our freezer spacers are available in 2 versions – both available in 1200×1000mm / 47×40″ and 1200x800mm / 47×32″ sizes.

NFS-1 Freezer Spacer

Our standard and well proven open profile NFS-1 freezer spacer design in which the extremely open profiles allow maximum air-flow – probably the most effective spacers on the market.

NFS-2 Freezer Spacer

Our new NFS-2 freezer spacer has a more rigid structure and is as such is specially applicable when using spacers during truck-transport, heigh-storage or you for other reasons require a more

NFS-1 and NFS-2 product dimensions and shipping information

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