Is your current set up creating the optimal energy cost reduction?

Reduce cost with freezer spacers 

The spacer is designed to streamline your blast freezing process and thereby significantly reducing your energy costs. Depending on your freezer set up we have seen as much as incredible 80% reductions in energy consumption.

This is not just bragging numbers, but documented by extensive tests carried out by the Danish Technological Institute. We want to help you reduce cost with freezer spacers.

If you wish to learn more about this, please have a look at the SOKI project

This may be the first time you look into Freezer spacers and as such you may be curious about what they actually do and how they can help streamline your blast freezing process.

Learn more about how spacers actually work and why our spacer design matter under section Spacer differences

We have helped numerous  companies not only in reducing their energy cost and freezing time, but even with unstable pallet stacks with risks of tipping and thereby not only damaging your products, but thereby also causing danger for your warehouse team.

Stability and quality

Take a look at our many satisfied costumers who have already implemented our Freezer spacers.

If you also work with thawing/defrosting processes, the spacers are equally beneficial for this. Have a look at our many satisfied customers who have already implemented our spacers and join this fast-growing group so you do not fall behind with your operating costs.

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