Knowing when your products reach target temperature can reduce your energy costs

Freezing food in a blast chamber is an energy-intensive process. Any change that can lower your total energy consumption directly affects your bottom line.

Using flexible sensors transmitting data in real-time from your freezing chamber, you get an instant view of your freezing process.

Based on the collected data, you are better equipped to make cost-saving changes to your blast freezing process.

  • Real-time information on how the products freeze
  • Knowledge of optimal placement of pallets in the freezing chamber
  • Possibility to integrate temperature and fan control.
  • Possibility of alarm at unforeseen/accidental events
  • Overall historical overview of previous entries
  • Possibility to use the same equipment in different freezers without installation

The collected data can be used to compare blast freezing sessions over time to further optimize the freezing cycle.

Real-time sensors vs Passive loggers

Often temperature loggers are used to documenting how the freezing process went, but temperature loggers don’t give you a real-time view of your freezing chamber.

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