Neptun NFS-II Freezer Spacer, 1200×1000 / 47″x40″, Black

Open profiled Freezer Spacer in a rigid design ensuring improved support of the boxes and optimal air circulation between stacked layers for faster, uniform and more effective freezing and tempering.


The new and patented Neptun NFS-II Freezer Spacer™ is specially designed for situations requiring increased support of the box layers – for example when such are used for rather thin or unevenly filled boxes or when spacers are applied also during truck-transport.

The rigid design will also absorb some of the unevenness in the box layers thereby ensuring a more stable stack.

  • Open profile design ensuring high airflow through the cavities of the spacer promoting a faster and efficient freezing of the whole pallet load.
  • Improved support and rigidity making NFS-II especially applicable for soft and/or uneven filled boxes or when spacers are applied also during truck-transport.
  • Designed for temperature sensitive applications
  • The open and 50mm/2″ high profile and 50mm/2″ ensure that air circulates rapidly through the cavities of the spacer ensuring a faster and efficient freezing of the whole pallet load in Freezing and Tempering operations
  • Effective at temperature ranges between -40° below to plus +60°
  • Open profile design allows for easy cleaning
  • Nestable for space saving (30mm/1,2″ nesting height)
    100% recyclable
  • Standard colour; Black. Other colours on request.
  • High density polyethylene
  • For indirect food contact ¹
    ¹Spacers for direct food contact can be delivered on request

Like the well known Neptun NFS-I Freezer Spacer™ NFS-II has an open profile design ensuring maximum air penetration in freezing and tempering situations.

Due to the robust structure in High-Density Polyethylene, the spacer withstands temperatures between -40 and +60 0C and is resistant to most acids and chemicals, thereby ensuring a long lifespan even in the toughest working environments.

The open profile of the NFS II spacer makes it easy to clean and nests well when not in use The Neptun NFS-II Freezer Spacer™ comes as standard in black colour but special colours can be offered on request.

Additional information

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

cm; 120 x 100 x 5 / In; 47,2 x 39,4" x 2"

Product code



3,36 kg, 7,4 lb





Maximum load, Static/Dynamic - kg/lb

2000 Kg/4400 lb, 1000 Kg/2200 lb

Units pr stack

70/75/80 pcs

Stack dimension

cm 120 x 100 x 257, in 47 x 40 x 101

Weight pr stack

255/272/290 kg, 562/600/640 lb

Units pr export trailer (13,62x2,46x2,7)

2080 pcs