Plastic pallets are the perfect solution for transportation and storring most kind of goods or products. Through our partners we can offer you most sizes, colours and types of high quality plastic pallets. Please contact us for price offer or further details
The number of companies that choose to use plastic pallets to meet their business requirements is constantly increasing and according to market estimations, global pallet sales are expected to increase substantially also in the years to come. For many industries, changing over to plastic storage systems has become a necessity rather than being an option as shipping regulations in many countries dictate the usage of plastic pallets. This requirement emanates mainly from the health and safety issues relating to insect infestations found in wooden pallets, as they cannot be properly cleaned and sanitised. Conversely, incredibly high standards of hygiene are associated with plastic pallets, which benefit a vast array of industries, especially those dealing with food produce. Plastic pallets can be easily washed, sanitised and reused, making them a viable long-term investment. Not only are plastic pallets more hygienic than wooden pallets, they are also much more durable. This does not however mean that they are heavier; in fact, they are most often considerably lighter than many wooden pallets and are therefore significantly more reliable and profitable as money can be saved on both transportation and labour costs. In addition to the above-mentioned attributes, plastic pallets are also extremely versatile as they do not absorb moisture, are resistant to odours, mould, mildew and fungus and are not affected by the spillage of most chemicals, acids and salts. Due to the lightweight composition of plastic pallets and their simple yet durable design, there is no need to be cautious of loose nails, broken boards, dust or chippings, therefore benefiting the entire workforce and reducing work-related injuries.