The “Super Optimized Carton Freezer” (SOKI) project by Danish Technological Institute has been awarded the Elforsk Award 2019. The objectives of SOKI project is to develop an optimum design solution for a blast freezer and to optimize the packing of the freezer.

‘Energy optimization of batch freezing tunnel for meat’
SOKI project report

The project shows that is is possible the lower the energy usage in the freezer by 86 percent by using smarter airflow and specially designed freezer spacers. Those spacers allow the cold air to cool the cartons faster than using wooden or single-use “egg crate” freezer spacers.

“We have shown that cold storages with better control can save up to 86 percent of their electricity consumption for the supply of cold air” says project manager Jóhannes Kristófersson from the Danish Technological Institute.

Read more about the project at Elforsk (Danish text) or Danish Technological Institute (English text)

NFS2 freezer spacer

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