SOKI project awarded Elforsk Prisen 2019

The "Super Optimized Carton Freezer" (SOKI) project by Danish Technological Institute has been awarded the Elforsk Award 2019. The objectives of SOKI project is to develop an optimum design solution for a blast freezer and to optimize the packing of the freezer....

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Why spacers are important when blast freezing

Spacers are an important part of optimizing your blast freezing process. A lot of energy can be saved by freezing smarter. By smarter, we mean knowing about the entire freezing process and knowing where and how to optimize. The way to efficient blast freezing is...

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FreezeTec attending Kälteforum 2018

FreezeTec is sponsoring and attending the annual KäLTEforum, which this year takes place in Dresden, Germany on November 6 and 7 2018. The forum is a great opportunity for all participants to meet representatives from the German cold storage and cooling industry -...

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Freezer spacers in action

Retreiving freezer spacers after freezing can be done in seconds. Italian pallet inverter manufacturer Toppy have made a couple of demonstration videos showing how to retrieve freezer spacers from a fully stacked pallet. The first video shows FreezeTec freezer spacers...

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Cross-Industry co-operation

Cross-Industry cooperation makes life easier in freezing- and logistic companies As cardboard boxes are getting thinner, unstable stack-loads is becoming an increasing challenge when using spacers in-between the box-layers. In close co-operation with...

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Freezer spacers – how they work

Freezer spacers - how they work When blast-freezing foodstuff, high air velocity across the product, as well as maximum contact between the cold air stream and the stacked boxes, are essential for the shortest possible freezing-time. Factors, which both are positively...

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FreezeTec sponsors and attends Kälteforum 2017

We at FreezeTec are happy to announce that we are sponsoring and participate at this years "Kälteforum" to be held in Bremerhaven, Germany from november 14th til 15th. We believe in nurturing the cooperation between the logistic and freezing industry and...

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Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are the perfect solution for transportation and storing most kinds of goods or products. Through our partners, we can offer you most sizes, colors, and types of high-quality plastic pallets. Please contact us for a price offer or further details...

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Basics about shock-freezing

Freezing and thawing of food stuff is often an important as well ass a critical process in the value chain of food processing companies. Especially freezing is often a major cost driver but both processes highly influence the product quality of the frozen or thawed...

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