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As one of the pioneers within HDPE-Spacers we have for more than three decades been setting standards within our industry, providing high-end Spacers to some of the biggest companies around the world. With a strong focus on user experience, design and innovation, our Spacers are not only setting market standards but are also contributing to a better tomorrow by only using fully recyclable materials and helping our clients saving energy.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about our spacers or wish to see the test results from the Technical University of Denmark.

Energy saving and uniform quality

The 50 mm. open profiles result in maximum air contact with the stacked layers of products, ensuring faster and more efficient freezing of the whole pallet load. Our spacers have always had a correlation with our costumers bottom-line and the environment. And now more than ever doing this energy crisis. Innovation is more needed now where energy prices has skyrocketed


The low weight and open design make it easy to handle and to clean our Spacers. The Spacers nest easily into each other when not in use, thereby taking up a minimum amount of space.

Cost Saving

Due to the innovation of the robust structure of High-Density Polyethylene, the freezer spacer withstands temperatures between -50°C and +90°C and is resistant to acids and chemicals, ensuring a long lifespan, even in the toughest working environments.

Environmentally friendly

The Spacers are manufactured of fully recyclable materials and can be genuinely recycled at the end of their usable life. The reduction in energy consumption during freezing also helps the environment.

Did you know…

…. that 100 freezer spacers, when nested, only take up 2 m3 of volume?

Research And Development

With 30 years of experience and continuous focus on R&D, we thrive to educate and inspire the market towards a sustainable future. We co-operate closely with renowned research facility centers in order to obtain highly valuable data both regarding design and usability.

User involvement and technical experts

Since our earliest days, we have involved end-users as well as leading experts to obtain the optimum. Our co-operation with the Danish Technical University – DTU has as such provided not only know-how but also test-results with the purposes to document the true effect of our products.

We thrive working with experts and believe in utilizing and benefiting from the best to keep on creating results and market-leading products and great innovation.

If you manufacture and/or are an expert within blast-freezing related products or services and would like to explore possible areas of co-operation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Continuous R&D

In order to maintain our leading position FreezeTeq, together with the Danish Technological Institute and other leading players within the freezing industry co-finances and participates in one of the largest research programs about blast freezing ever carried out.

This research will provide us with valuable knowledge about blast freezing and how to freeze even more efficient – knowledge which at the end will be to your advantage.

We believe in customer satisfaction and long-termed partnerships which is why we rely so much on data and results, to obtain our position as your GO-TO-Partner.

Special Requirements & Development

As our goal is to disrupt and revolutionize the freezing industry while taking care of our planet, we consult and assist various companies around the world with innovative products and design. As such we are always openminded towards new ways and have assisted a number of companies around the world in finding solutions for special requirements.

Please do not hesitate to involve us if your company has specific, blast-freezing related requirements or have questions regarding development of new products specialized your needs.

Do you want to know more?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

We are pleased to assist you in any way to meet the objectives of your company.