Safer transportation of your products

Spacers play an important role in ensuring the safe transportation of temperature sensitive products by helping to maintain the stability and quality of the products being transported.

Here are 3 ways that airflow spacers help to secure the safe transportation of foodstuff.

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    Prevents Product Damage

    Products whose quality depends on ventilation around these can suffer damage from compact stacking. Spacers create the necessary distance between the stacked layers and thus facilitate better ventilation of your products.

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    Maintaining Consistent Temperature

    Spacers improve the airflow around the products during transportation, which helps preventing temperature fluctuations and thereby maintaining a consistent temperature. This is particularly important for products that are sensitive to temperature changes, as fluctuations could cause the products to degrade.

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    Stable Pallet-Stacks

    The combination of thin, unevenly filled boxes and irregular products often leads to uneven box layers and thus unstable pallet stacks. A stiff spacer can absorb unevenness and thus create more stable pallet stacks.

Overall, spacers are important, when you want to ensure the safe transportation of foodstuff. They help to prevent product damage, ventilate your products and maintain a consistent temperature, all of which contribute to the overall quality and safety of the transported products.

Stabilizing your pallet stacks with FreezeTeq spacers

Unstable pallet stacks are often an unintended consequence when thawing foodstuff, often resulting in tipping pallets, damaged goods or even personal injuries.

Due to the unique design and the edge-to-Edge support of the box layers, our spacers absorb some of the irregularities in the box layers which often occur during both the freezing and thawing process. This leads to more stable pallet stacks and thus reduced risk of damage.

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We have helped numerous companies not only in reducing their energy cost and freezing time but even with unstable pallet stacks with risks of tipping and thereby not only damaging your products but thereby also causing danger for your warehouse team. Should we help your company next?

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