FreezeTec sponsors and attends Kälteforum 2017

We at FreezeTec are happy to announce that we are sponsoring and participate at this years “Kälteforum” to be held in Bremerhaven, Germany from november 14th til 15th. We believe in nurturing the cooperation between the logistic and freezing industry and are working closely together with our customers to ensure that design and usability goes hand in hand. As this approach is continuously giving us valuable industry insights and the objective of #Kälteforum# is to facilitate the co-operation between these industries we are pleased to co-sponsor this years event.

Networking and Innovation

This event is the perfect chance to network and to get inspired by the many interesting speakers and topics. The surroundings at “Klima Haus”  could not be any better and will for sure lead to reflection and inspiration as to how we can continuously improve. FreezeTec has for decades had close business relations to the German freezing-industry and look forward to meet our existing clients as well as to network with the many other interesting participants in this years event. Link to invitation and program