FreezeTec is sponsoring and attending the annual KäLTEforum, which this year takes place in Dresden, Germany on November 6 and 7 2018. The forum is a great opportunity for all participants to meet representatives from the German cold storage and cooling industry – face to face.

FreezeTec is committed to optimizing energy usage at industrial scale blast freezing facilities and cold storage service providers.

A great way for freezing service providers to optimize the energy usage during the food freezing process in blast freezing tunnels is using high-quality freezer spacers and controlling the air flow between the products to be frozen. Contact us for a talk on how you can start saving energy – while staying cool.

Hosting the event is Verband Deutscher Kühlhäuser und Kühllogistikunternehmen – VDKL (“Association of German Cold Storage and Cooling Logistics Companies”).

Meet FreezeTec at KäLTEforum 2018

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