Freezer spacer with pallets

Advantages of using pallet inverters

Pallet inverters are machines used for turning over pallets loaded with stacked products, which makes removal of freezer spacers from a stacked pallet very easy.

Pallet inverters and freezer spacers

Retrieving freezer spacers after your boxed products have been frozen can be done in seconds using the right machinery. Italian pallet inverter manufacturer Toppy offer a wide range of both mobile and stationary pallet inverters and pile turners. Using pallet inverters is a perfect match for working with freezer spacers.

Faster and safer handling

Using pallet inverters to retrieve freezer spacers is both faster and safer than manually having to re-pack pallets after the freezing process:

  • No manual heavy lifting.
  • Very low risk of dropping or damaging products.
  • Much faster than manual re-stacking.

Using freezer spacers and pallet inverters

To retrieve the freezer spacers after freezing your products you either need to repack the entire pallet or you can use a pallet inverter to lift the pallet and easily pull out the freezer spacers.

Safe and efficient handling

  • Reload goods before entering food or pharmaceutical facilities
  • Replace defective pallets or damaged products from the stack
  • Exchange pallets with other types; wood, plastic, metal
  • Exchange pallets with other sizes; euro, half-euro, etc
  • Pull defective pallets from automated workflows in warehouses
  • Keep company-owned pallets and ship rental pallets
  • Freezer spacer pallets easiliy handeled

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Videos showing how freezer spacers and pallet inverters work

The videos below are examples of freezer spacers being retrieved using two pallet inverter models; A stationary inverter and a flexible mobile inverter.

Retrieving freezer spacers from a stacked pallet using a mobile pallet inverter.

Retrieving freezer spacers using a stationary pallet inverter.

Freezer spacers being retrieved from a pallet stacked with packaged PET-bottles.

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