Tempering, Defrosting and thawing

How a freezer spacer can help you

Although initially developed to streamline blast freezing processes. The principles of facilitating airflow between stacked layers with spacers also apply for defrosting, thawing tempering processes.

This makes the spacers equally suitable when cooling or defrosting box layers which makes our spacers today are used also in industries such as Diary, Food production and Medical.

Faster and uniform defrosting and thawing

Thawing or tempering unventilated box layers causes an uneven temperature
development of the pallet-stack and is as such significantly more time consuming – often leading to inefficient processes.

Lost product weight (drip loss) and the risk that some of the product is falling outside the temperature safety zone.

The unique, open profiled design of our spacers contribute to a high airflow between
and trough the box-layers and thus facilitate a faster equalization of the temperature differences also from the inner part of the pallet stacks.
All resulting in a more streamlined tempering process and thus saved time and costs.

Stabilizing your pallet stacks

Unstable pallet stacks are often an unintended consequence when thawing foodstuff, often resulting in tipping pallets, injuries and damaged goods.

Due to the unique design and the “Edge-To-Edge support of the box layers, our spacers absorb some of the of the irregularities in the box layers which often occur during both the freezing and thawing process.
This leads to more stable pallet stacks and thus reduced risk of damage. Learn more about this extra advantage In this animatio

Save time, money and benefit our environment

Not only will you save time and money but we strive to be more green in any way we can.

Having our plastic spacers made of 100% reused plastic. Making sure our products make a positive effect not only for our clients but also for our planet.


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Freezer spacer defrosting and thawing

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