Gefrierzwischenlagen – wie sie funktionieren

Wie Gefrierzwischenlagen ein effizienteres Schock-frosten von Lebensmitteln ermöglichen

Spacers with improved support of stacked boxes

Learn how the FreezeTeq NFS2 spacers offer increased support of the boxes and stacks

Freezing Strategies 50% energy saving

Freezer spacers for blast freezing. Comparison of wooden spacers with FreezeTeq HDPE freezer spacers.

FreezeTeq, Blast freezing, and freezer spacers

About blast freezing, freezer spacers, and FreezeTeq

Blast freezing and freezer spacers

About blast-freezing and how FreezeTeq spacers can increase the efficiency

Freezer spacers – how they work

How freezer spacers facilitate a more efficient blast freezing process of foodstuffs

Blast Freezing Strategies – save energy

Blast Freezing. How different freezing strategies influence freezing time and energy consumption

About FreezeTeq

History, present, and visions of FreezeTeq

Freezer spacer demonstration videos

See FreezeTeq freezer spacers in action in these demonstration videos. Freezer spacers can be used to stack any type of packaged products and can easily be retrieved using a pallet inverter. 

FreezeTeq freezer spacers used with TOPPY Maxi Pharma

Retrieving freezer spacers from a stacked pallet using a mobile pallet inverter.

FreezeTeq Freezer Spacers used with TOPPY INVERTER 650-2000

Retrieving freezer spacers using a stationary pallet inverter

FreezeTeq Freezer Spacers used with TOPPY INVERTER 650-2000

Freezer spacers being retrieved from a pallet stacked with packaged PET-bottles.