At Freezeteq our main goal is to keep providing high-end innovative products backed up by scientific research and many years of experience.

FreezeTeq NFS

FreezeTeq NFS is our well known and worldwide used range of freezer spacers. The spacers were originally developed and marketed by the well known and respected Danish injection molding company Panther Plast A/S. Development was carried out in close cooperation with leading abattoirs, freezing houses and The Technological University of Denmark enabling us to combine end-user requirements with a scientific approach.

In 2004 a branch of Panther Plast A/S was excreted into Neptun Plast A/S. Continuous growth in the spacer business lead early 2016 to the decision to place all activities related to the spacers in the company FreezeTeq enabling us to give you and the spacer business our highest attention.

Freezer Spacers

Our freezer spacers are developed in close cooperation with The Technological University of Denmark. Ongoing tests and R&D activities ensure that our spacers also in the future will meet the changing requirements in the market and as such will continue to set the standard for high-efficient freezer spacers.


Highly efficient (documented)


Sturdy and reusable – again and again


Easy to clean and nest


Economical, Efficient and Convenient

 Our Freezer Spacers have been standard-setting for high efficient spacers used for freezing and thawing applications.

The spacers (NFS1, NFS2, and NFS3) are manufactured on state of the art machinery in modern plastic injection companies in Denmark and Spain.



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